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Representative office in Russia, Lipetsk

Representative office of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) engineering company was opened in June, 2011 in Lipetsk, Russia:

Russia, Lipetsk, Lenina str. 11, off. 305
Tel: +7 (915) 324 40 50
Representative office supervisor: Dorn Andrey Borisovich

Central Web site of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) company:

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The purpose of engineering company representative office setting- up is the following:

  • Cooperation with the enterprises, located in Lipetsk and Lipetsk region.
  • Optimization of equipment and spare parts delivery to the enterprises of the region.
  • Arrangement of installation supervision, commissioning of delivered equipment.
  • Warranty and post- warranty service of the equipment.

Please, send Your preferences for collaboration in the region and requests for equipment delivery to E-mail:, addressed to the Supervisor of the Representative office, Dorn A.B.

All employees of our representative office in Lipetsk carry on active cooperation with ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) company service centers in Russia – ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ" (LLC INTECH GmbH) and ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг" (LLC ENCE engineering). This allows to enter into equipment delivery contracts with the customers not only on DAP Lipetsk terms, but also on DDP customer warehouse for already cleared through customs goods terms, provide equipment delivery for national currency. Specialists of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) company service centers are ready to carry out installation supervision, commissioning of delivered equipment and also to provide turn-key projects, further warranty and post- warranty service support of our customers.


Address: ul. Pochtovaya 10, Moscow 105082, Russia
Tel.: +7 (499) 322-10-57
+7 (499) 261-08-45
Fax: +7 (499) 263-14-38

General Director: Eremin Vladimir Valerievich

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ООО "ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг" (LLC ENCE engineering)

Legal address: bld. 1 A, ul. Novaya Basmannaya 23, Moscow 107078, Russia.
Mailing adress: ul. M. Pochtovaya 10, Moscow, 105082, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 225-57-86
Fax: +7 (499) 263-13-37
+7 (499) 261-07-21

Commercial director: Uvarov Sergey Valentinovich

Representative office of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) engineering company is ready to arrange delivery of the whole equipment range of the parent company: oil-and-gas production equipment, chemical and petrochemical industrial equipment, power- generating equipment, machine-building equipment, however, priority direction of activities and deliveries of the representative office is the metallurgical equipment.

Automated high – speed coiled steel hot-dip galvanizing line

Automated high – speed coiled steel hot-dip galvanizing line

Engineering industrial company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) (Switzerland) will develop, complete and provide "turnkey" delivery of coiled steel hot- dip galvanizing lines, including engineering, designing, logistics, customs clearing, installation supervision, warranty and aftersales service.

Coiled steel surface zinc plating (galvanizing) is the most widely- spread method of metal protection from corrosion. Galvanized sheets may be exposed to bending, die molding, welding, that is why they are widely used in all branches of industry during general purpose products manufacture (houseware, refrigerators), in construction (roofing sheet), agriculture (pipes for field irrigation), machine building (instruments, panels, roll-formed sections). In numerous cases galvanized sheets are paint coated (with polymers) for improvement of corrosive resistance. Ref. site for further information.

Galvanizing of moving coiled strip is carried out continuously with further finished products output in the form of coils of a certain weight or sheets.

Area of application: coiled steel galvanizing

Technical specifications of proposed lines:

Strip speed in bath with zinc: to 300 m/min
Production output: 100 – 600 ths. tons/year
Ingoing material: cold-rolled strip 0.2 to 2.5 mm thick

Defatting and annealing of the strip is performed in galvanizing line itself.

Automated high – speed coiled steel hot-dip galvanizing line Automated high – speed coiled steel hot-dip galvanizing line

In addition to "turnkey" delivery of lines the company may deliver individual units, systems and equipment for modernization of already existing hot- dip galvanizing lines of the customer, such as:

  • Coilers and decoilers
  • Thickness gauges of various types
  • Electric welding machines with straightening rolls
  • Vertical strip storage towers
  • Electrocleaning sections
  • Installations for steel strip hydrodynamic cleaning before galvanizing
  • Scale - free reheating furnaces
  • Jetcoolingunits
  • Galvanizing baths with ceramic lining or made of special alloys
  • Zinc heating inductors
  • Immersion ceramic heaters
  • Gas burners
  • Electromagnetic stabilizer in coiled steel galvanizing line
  • Temper mills
  • Stretch flattening machines
  • Submersible equipment (bottom, correcting and stabilizing rolls, slider bearings, made of stellen and ceramic)
  • Double-side strip oiling devices
  • Emulsion air blowing systems in temper mills
  • Roll-grinding equipment for rollers and rolls
  • Butt-welding machines for coiled steel and nonferrous metals
  • Shot blasting equipment for rollers and rolls

Stellen components

Company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) proposes various spare parts made of stellen and complex alloys for machinery and plants, used in the following branches of industry:

  • machine-building
  • automotive
  • ferrous metallurgy (including galvanizing lines)
  • nonferrous metallurgy
  • shipbuilding
  • chemical
  • oil-and-gas
  • medical
  • food-manufacturing

Company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) will provide customized delivery of various component parts and spare parts, such as:

stellen components
  • stellen bottom submersible drums
  • stellen rolls
  • stellen slider bearings
  • stellen bushings
  • stellen washers of various configurations and versions
  • Temper mill rollers with stellen coating
  • Correcting stellen rolls
  • Valve pair couples made of stellen
  • Guide rolls, mill table and conveyor rolls
  • Furnace rolls (with water or air cooling)
  • Roll mill working and supporting rollers
  • Gauges (tools) of various configurations and versions
  • Skin mill rollers
stellen components stellen components stellen

Spare parts are customized according to the customer drawing with account of all necessary requirements, fits and tolerances.

Spare parts may be made of the following materials:

  • stellen
  • Similar by physical and chemical properties materials
  • Combined version (high- alloy stainless steel + stellen).
  • Special alloys and steels
  • Stainless steels and alloys 316L, 304, 316, Hastelloy

stellen components stellen components stellen

Experience and know-how of leading European and American engineering enterprises is used in manufacture of stellen spare parts.

stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen stellen components stellen components stellen components stellen components stellen components stellen components stellen components stellen

Rolls of metallurgical shops

Furnace rolls

Rolls of metallurgical shops

Furnace rolls are the basic components of furnace mill table of continuous reheating and heat-treating furnaces, including roller- hearth furnaces, operating in metallurgical industry.

Rolls are the most critical components of roller- hearth furnace. Their lifetime depend on furnace temperature and furnace width. Furnaces with gas temperature from 800 to 1000 °C are equipped by uncooled rolls, and with temperature from 1000 to 1200 °C – by rolls with water- cooled drive shaft, the space between which and the body is filled by heat- insulating material.

Rolls of metallurgical shops

Heat-resistant rolls with diameter from 50 mm to 2000 mm, made of high-alloyed by chrome Cr and nickel Ni steels, are usually molded using rotational casting method.

In any case trunnions are cooled in rolls (trunnion is the part of bearing - supported axle or the shaft). Overwhelmingly the rolls are made water-cooled with smooth body, made of heat-resistant chrome- nickel alloy steel. The roll should continuously rotate to prevent the roll body distortion, - stops are allowed maximum for 3 minutes.

Rolls for complicated production operations

For complicated production operations company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) proposes and is ready to provide delivery of the following rolls:

Rolls for complicated production operations
  • feed-tilting rolls — device, installed at the fore plate of automatic pipe mill for sleeve feed into rollers with its simultaneous tilting, is the pair of power-driven rolls, which approach in case of pipe pickup and expand on completion of feed and tilting;
  • feed rolls — auxiliary device in the form of a single or several pairs of power-driven rolls for workpiece feed into system, mill or machine;
  • tilting rolls — roller fittings unit in the form of a pair of skew rolls, designed for breakdown bar tilting to a certain angle on its outlet from rollers;
  • knurling rolls — the tool for forming of thread and gear teeth, applied onto components of dial plates, marks and knurling, and also for hard-facing of machining work faces of sizing rollers, shafts, axles, bushings and other machine components by method of cold plastic strain with purpose to increase their endurance strength and wearing quality;
  • tension rolls — auxiliary device in the form of a pair of rolls, providing tension of workpiece (for example, strip) during rolling;
  • squeeze rolls — device in the composition of immersion coating machine in the form of a pair of rolls for removal of excessive coating material from the surface of a product;
  • return rolls — device of rear plate of automatic pipe mill, designed as a pair of rolls (the lower of which moves in vertical plane), rotating in direction, opposite to direction of working rollers rotation. Diameter of return rolls equals to roller body length, and the length of individual rolls is 0.3 to 0.4 of diameter. Return roll grooves by shape imitate working rollers, but have enlarged outlet angles (to 35-42°). Return rolls are designed for pipe feed after its rolling to the mill fore plate;
  • breast rolls – the first rolls of main tables of large breakdown and plate mills, the bearings of which are mounted in shoes;
  • pulling rolls — auxiliary device in the form of a single or several pairs of power-driven rolls, creating force, applied to workpiece for its movement through the unit, mill or machine midstream in the machining.
Rolls for complicated production operations Rolls for complicated production operations

Company ENCE GmbH manufacture roll component parts (roll body and trunnion) individually.

Our company may propose individual flexible solutions, meeting fine print of a customer and roll operation conditions.



Conveyor rolls are of cylindrical form and pivot at ball bearings with fixed axles. Barrel shells of conveyor rolls usually are made of steel tubing.

Conveyor roll is the cylinder-shaped component, with the aid of which strip movement at conveyor or part passing between the units is provided, and also which is used for active belt tension. In conveyor tracks, which are called diagonal rolled feed tables, such device performs load- carrying function.


Conveyor roll is the important component of conveyor mechanism. Commonly the quality of operation and operating costs of conveyor transport depend on the roll reliability and fatigue life. There are demountable and nondemountable rolls, each of which has its own advantages. In our company You may select required component parts and be sure, that they comply with quality standard and made in accordance with provided drawings.

Conveyor rolls are delivered with the outer diameter from 41 mm and roll length to 2600 mm with various versions of axle ends. Bearing box housing has two design versions: turned – for complicated operating conditions, and forged, made of steel sheet for average and low-duty operating conditions, whereupon compared with turned housing it has lesser weight.

Copper sleeves of rolled and slab CCM (CC machine) molds

Copper sleeves of rolled and slab CCM (CC machine) molds

For continuous casting machine molds the company proposes the delivery of copper sleeves for rolled and slab machines.

The sleeves may be manufactured and delivered according to in-house design drawings, based on inquiry schedules, and customer drawing as well.

For rolled CCM we are ready to propose the following sleeves:

Multistage, with parabolic taper angle

Sleeves with three- and four-stage taper angle.

Inner single- layer and multilayer coating.

Sleeves for rolled CCM

Sleeves for rolled CCM Sleeves for rolled CCM Sleeves for rolled CCM Sleeves for rolled CCM

Plates for slab CCM

Plates for slab CCM
Plates for slab CCM

Strip painting and polymeric coating lines

Strip painting and polymeric coating lines

In recent years manufacture of strips and sheets, coated with various enamels and plastics, is widely exercised. Steel and aluminium strips and sheets with paint and polymeric coatings are characterized by high corrosive resistance, acoustic absorption, electrical insulation and good visual appearance (colored finish). Such strips do not require servicing during operation (washing, cleaning etc.). They are used in building industry, production sector, in particular, for finishing and assembling of automotive vehicles, buses, vans, accommodation facilities and office spaces, furniture, TV sets, laundry washers, broadcasting receivers etc. Steel and aluminium strips and sheets with paint and polymeric coatings may be welded, expanded and extruded.

In accordance with the customer technical specification ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) company will provide development, assembling, "turnkey" delivery, installation supervision, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service of production lines for application of paint and polymeric coating onto metal strip and coiled steel, using CCL (Coil Coating) method.

Wide engineering and commercial experience, constant experience exchange with leading in metallurgic engineering foreign partners allows to use sophisticated advanced technologies in proposed lines.

Functional specifications of painting lines:

Strip painting and polymeric coating lines
  • Line speed from 10 to 200 m/min.
  • Strip width from 500 to 2000 mm
  • Strip gage from 0.2 to 2.5 mm
  • Coil weight from 2 to 32 tons

Range of coatings, applied at production lines:

  • acrylic
  • polyester
  • polyvinylidene fluoride
  • polyurethane
  • polyvinylchloride (pvc)
  • polymeric films with and without glue
  • enamels

Schematic of proposed production lines for application of paint and polymeric coating onto strip with the aid of CCL (Coil Coating method):

Strip painting and polymeric coating lines

Schematic of painting line and application of polymeric material layer

General configuration of production equipment, being the part of the line:

  1. Decoiling machine
  2. Stitching/ welding machine
  3. Strip storage tower
  4. Strip pretreatment section
  5. Drying furnace
  6. Roller coater for priming
  7. Primer hardening oven
  8. Roller coater for paint coating
  9. Coating hardening oven
  10. Laminating machine
  11. Strip storage tower
  12. Finish group

Flow process:

Flow process of strip coating line includes the following basic operations:

  • Defatting and chemical treatment (pickling operation and immunization)
  • Stitching or welding of strip ends - section 1 of line schematic
  • Priming, painting, application of glue and heating - sections 2 and 3, coating by film – section 4.
  • Strip painting is carried out at roller coaters with the aid of roller method. Hot laminating is used for application of protective film onto a strip with purpose to preserve decorative coating.
  • Process of cooling, rerolling, cutoff and packaging – section 5.
  • Painting and cladding of strip by film are carried out in continuous lines, similar to tinning and galvanizing lines, at a speed to 3 m/sec.

Automatic metal-cutting lines

Engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) (Switzerland) will customize development, assembling and "turnkey" delivery of automatic metal slitting and shearing lines, slitting and slitting-and- shearing lines. After delivery and commissioning in case of customer request, the company may provide by means of its specialists the line periodic service maintenance.

Sphere of automatic metal cutting lines application:

Automatic metal-cutting lines
  • Metal cutting during various production cycles.
  • Preproduction of sheet steel bars for forming.
  • Coiled steel cutting to narrow strips of preselected width, rewound into coils for strip rewind.
  • In cutting and blank preparation shops of various branches of industry, using coiled cold- rolled mill products, galvanized stock and mill products with polymeric coating for manufacture of sheet articles.

Instrumentation systems for roll mills

Automatic metal-cutting lines Automatic metal-cutting lines

Noncontact on-line real time systems for measurement of complex profiles of articles made of steel and other materials

Purpose: Laser systems are designed for measurement of profile dimensions, detection of blemishes and deviations by shape of hot- rolled mill products in mill train under extra complicated conditions (possibility to measure profile in hot position under temperature from 900°C to +1200°C, in cold position from 0°C to +60°C)

Surface blemish detection system

Purpose: The system allows to detect surface blemishes even in complicated hot conditions of roll mill through smoke, steam, water, scale.

Ref. for more detail about proposed instrumentation systems.

Roll- grindingequipment

Fully automated NC roll-grinding machines for operation in heavy- duty, average and low- duty conditions, providing finest compliance with tolerances and degree of surface finish, characterized by high reliability and equipped by up-to-date instrumentation devices.

Roll- grindingequipment

Technical specifications

Roll- grindingequipment
  • Machining roller diameters to 700 mm
  • Machine lengths from 3000 to 10000 mm
  • Weight of machining rollers to 4500 kg
  • Controlled via converter roller speed
  • Servo mechanism
  • Belt- grinding units 7.5 kW and 11 kW for greater removal of material
  • Pneumatic belt tension
  • Belt size 150 x 2500 mm
  • Optional steel cutter holder
  • Optional unit for grinding of printing roller jointing edges
  • Optional automatic diameter measurement
  • Console unit with NC control
  • Software for correction and calibration of movement and axles
  • Possibility of grinding with coolant-cutting fluid and filtering system
  • Possibility of dry grinding with dust extraction
  • Machines in open and closed versions are available
  • Special corrosion preventing complete set
  • Optional automatic crane loading
  • Optional process control system software

Ref. site for further information about roll-grinding machines of average dimension.

Surface- grinding machines with long table and horizontal spindle of GR-600/M type

Surface- grinding machines with long table and horizontal spindle

Sphere of application: grinding of plain surfaces of parts and blanks in various working conditions.

Design features:

  • Backlash- free movement of grinding head during feed at the expense of machine equipping by frictionless screw nut in grinding head vertical movement chain.
  • Machines are quipped by automatic lubrication system and abrasive power protection system.

Technical specifications:

Workpiece dimensions, mm: max. 2000 х 630 х 630
Electromagnetic chuck acting surface dimensions, mm: 2000 х 630
Table lengthwise displacement velocity, m/min.: 3...30
Grinding stone diameter, mm: 500 to 600
Grinding head vertical movement to one circle graduation, mm: 0.004
Automatic vertical feed of grinding head, mm: 0.004...0,1
Grinding wheel spindle rounds per minute, rpm: 1500
Main drive gear power, kW: 30 to 35
Dimensions, mm: 5950 х 2880 х 2880
Weight, kg: 15000

Powered trolley cars of TMR-160/S type

Powered trolley cars

Sphere of application: intrashop transportation of various cargos along straightway horizontal portions of railtrack.

Trolley car electric power supply is provided with the aid of trolley and stub (cable) current feedthrough.

Technical specifications:

Capacity, tons: from 80 to 160
Travel speed, m/sec.: 0.45
Wheelspan, mm: 1524
Wheelbase, mm: 2800/1000 or 4000/1000
Quantity of axles, pcs.: 2 or 4
Ramp dimensions, mm:
Length: 7000
Width: 2500
Ramp height over rail head level, mm: 1285 or 1370
Electric motor power, kW: 2x7.5
Weight, kg: from 15900 to 27340

Powered trolley cars Powered trolley cars Powered trolley cars

Trolley cars may be customized with cable drum and also in explosion- proof version.

Shot-blast plants

Automatic plants for shot blasting of mill rollers with purpose of riffling, increase of surface capacity of roller body, achievement of surface roughness from 1.5 to 3.5 micron (peak density per 1 mm is from 30 to 80) are proposed for delivery.


Plant technical specifications:
Compressed air consumption is 2290 l/min.
Nozzle size – 6.4 mm, made of tungsten carbide.
Shot blasting cycle is to 2 hours of continuous operation.
Recommended abrasives materials– iron split grit of GH grade, white alumina.

Ref. site for further information about shot blasting and shot throwing machines.

Steel strip pickling lines


Pickling plants of pusher- type for hot- rolled carbon steel as per EN10051 are proposed for delivery.

Total characteristics of delivered pickling lines:

Annual production output – to 600 ths. tons per year
Strip gage – 1.0 to 4.0 mm
Strip width– 900 to 1550 mm
Coil inside diameter - 750 mm
Coil outer diameter – max. 2200 mm
Coil weight - to 30 tons
Plant speed – max. 150 m/min.
HCL concentration during the last washing stage – max. 60 mg/l

Delivery complete set of pickling lines provides for equipment (units) for purification of pickling fluid from copper ions (solution of problem concerning "copper scum" appearance at the surface of pickled mill products).

The line consists of the following:

  • Input section: coil rack, charging capsule, decoiler, straightening machine, cutting- to- length and beveling cut machine.
  • Process section: Pickling bath is partitioned into four sections, functioning as cascades. Each pickling section provides for the following: circulation loop with circulation tank, pump, heat exchangers, return line from pickling section. When the strip escapes the pickling bath, it is squeezed by two sets of squeeze rolls. Washing system is located downstream the pickling bath. It is partitioned into two stages and operates in accordance with cascade method- in counterflow to strip movement direction. Squeeze rolls are provided between each washing section with purpose to decrease outflow of flush water from one section into another. Strip carriage in pickling and washing section is performed by power- driven guide and squeeze rolls. Pickling bath, washing system and storage tanks are connected to exhaust system. Exhaust system is equipped by scrubbing unit and two droplet separators for suction vapours scrubbing. Strip drying in complete with edge blow-off device is provided downstream washing system.
  • Steelstrippicklinglines
  • Output section: After drying compartment the strip is driven to the next feed unit, located upstream the loop plant. The pit of the loop plant serves as material storage hopper in case of stopping or under different strip speeds in individual plant sections. Feeder unit with mechanical side guard is installed downstream the pit. The strip front end is fed into side- cut shears, equipped by swivel heads. Crops are cut to pieces by scrap cutter. Further three- roll back pull stand is provided, followed by inspection stand. Electrostatic oiling plant is provided for strip oiling, downstream of which the strip front end is brought into coiling machine. Coiling machine is equipped by control system, providing rolling with even edges. The coils are removed from coiling machine with the aid of overhead leveling cranes and placed onto rack.

Machine- building equipment

Machine- building equipment

Chemical industry equipment

Chemical industry equipment

Ore- dressing equipment

Ore- dressing equipment

Power equipment

Power equipment

ENCE GmbH engineering company together with the employees of its representative offices in Ukraine (Kiev), Russia (Moscow, Nizhni Tagil, Ufa, Lipetsk, Cherepovets), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent) and service centers – LLC Intech SA / Kiev / Ukraine, LLC Intech SA / Almaty / Kazakhstan, LLC Intech GmbH / Moscow / Russia and LLC ENCE engineering / Moscow / Russia, will be always glad to see You among our clients and You may always call in to any subdivision of our company.

We are ready to consider Your requests and any mutual cooperation proposal!

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