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Representative office in Ural region

Engineering in Ural Region

In April, 2008, the representative office of ENCE GmbH in the Urals was established at the address:
622001 Nizhny Tagil, Novostroy Str., 20A, Office 18
Tel. +7(3435) 41-73-56
Fax +7(3435) 41-73-56

Head of the Representative office: Mr. Aleksander S. Solozhnin

The aims of establishment of the representative office in the Ural region are as follows:

  • Cooperation with the enterprises located in the Urals
  • Equipment supply optimization
  • Equipment startup and commissioning
  • Equipment warranty and after-sales service

At present the representative office in Nizhny Tagil works and cooperates with the following enterprises:

  • OAO "NTMK", Nizhny Tagil
  • "VSMPO-Avisma" Corporation, Verkhnyaya Salda
  • OAO "Uralvagonzavod", Nizhny Tagil
  • OAO "Vysokogorsky GOK", Nizhny Tagil
  • OAO "Uralkali", Berezniki
  • OOO "SPO-Alnas", Perm
  • JSC "Kaustik" Sterlitamak
  • RUSAL, branch of OOO "RUS-Engineering" Kamensk-Uralsky
  • JSC "Pervouralsy dinasovy zavod" Pervouralsk
  • JSC "Sredneuralsky medeplavilny zavod" Revda, pos. SUMZ
  • JSC "SUAL", branch of "UAZ-SUAL" Kamensk-Uralksy
  • OOO "Firma" Radius - Service" Perm Territory, Dvurechenskoe s/p
  • OOO "Agrotechnoservice" Orenburg
  • JSC "Uralorgsintez" Chaikovsky
  • JSC "Revdinsky zavod po obrabotke zvetnykh metallov" Revda

ENCE GmbH Representative Office in the Ural Region is willing to take part in the following METALLURGY projects:

Engineering in Ural Region

The Ural Representative Office of ENCE GmbH in cooperation with specialists of the parental company and the Representative office in Moscow offer a variety of complex engineering projects of iron and steel industry:

Engineering in Ural Region
  • implementation of automatic control system of geometrical dimensions of rolled products, power and velocity parameters of manufacturing process, information and diagnostic systems combined with equipment high quality and reliability
  • Inspection and reconstruction of the existing furnaces; supply of standard/nonstandard equipment and refractories
  • burner units supply, burner automatic process control system setting, heating/cooling check algorithm design, temperature control equipment supply
  • development of control instrumentation complexes on the basis of laser systems for blank dimension and position control
    Here are the main modernization and reconstruction directions for existing furnaces:
    • Fuel-and-power resources saving by heating and cooling system operating improvement, application of modern refractories and heat-insulating materials, furnace body seal, recuperative heat exchanger installation, deep heat recovery of combustion products, including that of energy demands, automatics introduction and others
    • Engineering in Ural Region
    • Decrease of hazardous atmospheric emissions (for combustion furnaces) by fuel combustion optimization and effective combustion product cleaning
    • Furnace control and monitoring systems improvement
  • Heat treatment machinery reconstruction with the application of high quality refractories, modern gas burner blocks and automatic equipment, innovative water and air cooling systems
  • Press-forging equipment modernization
  • Modernization and reconstruction of kilns in order to save gas and optimize manufacturing process
  • Process technology development and instrumentation of systems and complexes of industrial waste and storm water control
Engineering in Ural Region   Engineering in Ural Region

Supply of Single Equipment and Materials for METALLURGY

Engineering in Ural Region

Along with complex projects the Urals representative of ENCE GmbH also supplies single mounting assemblies, separate equipment parts and such materials as:

Reduction gears and gear motors with a wide range of models which are successfully applied in many industries

Engineering in Ural Region
  • Reduction motors (gear motors) with helical, bevel and worm gearing and built-in frequency converters: helical-geared, worm, and bevel-geared with powers from 0,12 to 160 kW
  • Gears: parallel-shaft speed, double-reduction right-angle reduction, bevel gear, bore-type, worm, planetary, standard and special gears for specific industry solutions (transmittable torque up to 10000000 Nm)
  • Frequency converters for drive speed control in the power range of 0,4 to 6.000 kW
  • Torque limiters
  • Engineering in Ural Region
  • Couplings: flexible, tooth-type, all-steel, hydrodynamic, screw clutches, starting clutches (transmittable torques up to 10000000 Nm), and special types
  • Oil-pumping stations for gear cooling and lubricating with cooling capacity of 0,5 to 1000 kW and oil rate from 1 to 2000 l/min
  • Gear pair of various types
  • Universal joint shafts
  • Others
Engineering in Ural Region Engineering in Ural Region Engineering in Ural Region

Heat-exchange and capacitive equipment

Engineering in Ural Region
  • Shell-and-tube heat-exchangers:
    • with fixed tube bundle
    • floating-head
    • with U-shaped tubes
    • ribbed-tube
    • including such special designs as protective tubes and tube welding in tube sheet holes
  • Plate heat-exchangers
  • Block heat-exchangers
  • Heat-exchangers made of graphite and other nonmetallic materials
  • Air-cooling units
  • Condensate / feed water heatres for the range of low and high pressure
  • Engineering in Ural Region
  • Various tube systems including the following:
    • Tubular systems for all-key process furnaces at distilleries (radiation and convection zones);
    • Furnace tubular systems for central heating stations;
    • Convection heater blocks;
    • Powerplant aftercoolers;
  • Powerplant economizers.
  • Reservoirs with built-in components under pressure:
    • Double-shell vacuum reservoirs (reservoir container, cryogenic gas generator)
    • Electric dehydrator for petroleum refining;
    • Sewage tanks;
    • Molecular sieve absorber;
    • Feed water tanks for powerplants;
    • Degasificators;
  • Engineering in Ural Region
  • Process specialized equipment:
    • Petroleum refining column;
    • Reactors;
    • Absorbers;
    • Water electrolyzers;
    • Crystallizers;
    • Extractors;
    • Flushing tower.

All the above equipment can be manufactured and supplied with the following output parameters:

Engineering in Ural Region
  • Nominal diameter: up to 6 m
  • Pressure: up to 500 bar
  • Length: up to 65 m
  • Temperature: from -200 to +650°C
  • Weight: to 250 t
  • Wall thickness: to 100 mm

Depending on customer will and requirements determined by operating conditions the offered equipment can be manufactured of the following materials:

Engineering in Ural Region
  • Carbon steels;
  • low- and high-alloy steels;
  • Stainless steels;
  • Chrome-molybdenum, nickel alloys;
  • copper, brass and aluminum alloys;
  • clad materials;
  • acid- and heat-resistant steels;
  • duplex steels;
  • special materials (Monel, Hastelloy);
  • titanium alloys.

The equipment is manufactured in accordance with the following requirements and certificates: TUV, ASMI, GosGorTechNadzor (State Mining and Engineering Inspection), DVS (DIN 18 800), Det Norske Veritas and others.

Metal-working machinery:

General-purpose milling-drilling-turning machine with digital program control

Engineering in Ural Region

Technical Description:

X/Y/Z Axises
X/Y/Z effective strokes (mm) 1000 / 800 / 1000
X/Y/Z speed (m/min) 50 / 50 / 50
X/Y/Z acceleration (m/s2) 7 / 7 / 7
X/Y/Z jerk (m/s3) 250 / 250 / 250
Peak load X/Y/Z (N) 20000 / 12000 / 40000
Nominal load: X/Y/Z (N) 6000 / 6000 / 10000
Device HSK 100
Power S1/S6 40% (kW) 45 / 70 40 / 80
Speed (rpm) 14 000 4 500
Torque S1/S6 40% (Nm) 275 / 430 450 / 900
Tool Storage
Quantity 40
Max.tool diameter (mm) 200 (Option: 315)
Max.tool length (mm) 350 (Option: 750)
Max.tool weight (kg) 15
Changing time VDI2852 (s) 4.45
Other possible options  
Width / Length / Height (mm) 2800 / 6400 / 2800

Engineering in Ural Region

Double-axis universal lathe with digital program control

  • Workpiece cutting length up to 1250 mm
  • Main spindle as built-in spindle motor
  • Drive power 40/52 kW (100/40% ED), 2000/2500 min-1
  • Partially hollow clamp
  • Tightening pipe – i.d.-∅ 104 mm
  • C axis and spindle brake (hydr.)
  • Sauter 12 station disk turret with tool drive
  • Direct measuring system, glass scale on X axis
  • Dead head with digital program control
  • Chip remover
  • Computer numerical control "Siemens 840D ERGOlineсShopTurn" or optional HeidenhainPlusIT with ERGOline control desk
Engineering in Ural Region


  • Big workpiece cutting (diameter up to 700 mm)
  • Optimized unit sizes (guideway size 55) for high stability and long operating life
  • New design for better ergonomics with big sight glasses for best work space and cutting process view
  • Absolute incremental dimensioning (no basic reference method), glass scale on X axis
  • Powerful built-in spindle motor with air cooling and highest torque
  • ERGOlineControl easy-to-use control panel with 19"-FTF display, easy-set buttons.

Digital Program Control Lathe Center

It is suitable for heavy-duty cutting due to 3-layer rigid body construction and massive guideways without hanging turrets. Square guideways in each axis construction, high torque, a wide range of high-power spindle (2-step gear drive), big support without rotary drum overhang.

Engineering in Ural Region
  • High speed and power
  • High accuracy and strength
  • Popular turret lathe with digital program control 10'7 12"
  • Tool quantity
    12 internal and external tools can be positioned at any place
  • Tool size
    25x∅ 50mm (1"x ∅ 2")
  • Index time
    1 pitch 0.3 sec*
    Full (6 pitches) 0.6 sec
  • Rapid traverse (X/Z)
    20/24m/min (787/945 ipm)
    24m/min (945 ipm)
  • Z axis feed saves time without machining
  • High-speed, strong and reliable turret head with servo-motor
  • AC heavy-duty servo-motor and high-precision 3-layer construction
  • Powerful hydraulic clamp 5560 kgf (12232 ft-lbf)
  • Tool quantity: 12
  • Tool size: 25mm x ∅50mm (1"x ∅2")
  • Index time: 1 pitch 0.3 sec
Engineering in Ural Region

Refractory materials for ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy

  • Melt-molded refractories: up to +1720°C
  • Isolating fibres (boards, fibres, blocks): up to +1600°C
  • Insulating firebricks: up to +1760°C
  • Non-wetted refractories for high-temperature applications: >1800°C
Engineering in Ural Region

As also:

  • Fibre modules;
  • Thermal insulating boards;
  • Fireproof mastics, mortar;
  • Refractory concrete;
  • Durable refractory purging plugs and blow-off tuyeres for cast iron and steel ladle desulphurization, as well as metal inert gas flushing

Each of the materials is designed on the basis of a long-term experience and tests under thorough control and manufactured on the basis of modern computer technology. Refractories made by the manufacturers we represent undergo strict international control in accordance with such quality assurance system as DIN EN ISO 9001/9002, they have long operating lives and provide for effective return of the money spent.

The most important factor of lining quality evaluation is its operating life. Modern constructive solutions applied at all the manufacturing stages are very important for increase of reliability. Therefore we solve Customers’ technical problems as a whole: project + materials + installation supervision, providing necessary technical information, application guidances and safety data sheets.

In each specific case we try to offer the most cost-effective technical solutions, mounting technology as well as maximum service at minimum expenses for maintenance and repairs. We offer various methods of material application and processing:

Engineering in Ural Region
  • plastic working;
  • packing;
  • casting with seal, using method of ramming;
  • casting with seal, using method of vibration;
  • concrete spraying;
  • injection;
  • spraycasting;
  • embedding;
  • throwing by trowel;

Manufacturing equipment used for work with monolithic refractories:

  • compulsory mixer;
  • compulsory heavy-duty mixers for heavy-duty big bag filling;
  • mixing pump and shotcreting systems for application of slurry gunning mixtures in distributing chutes;
  • rotary shotcrete machines;
  • pressure chamber shotcrete machines;
  • auxiliary equipment: vibrating rammers, pneumatic rammers, pumps, pneumatic vibrators and others.

Supplies of separate equipment and components for concentrating industry

The representative office of ENCE GmbH in the Urals offers WEIR Warman slurry pumps or their analogues.

Spare parts for WARMAN pumps and their analogues:

Engineering in Ural Region
  • Impellers;
  • Expellers;
  • Frame liner inserts, throat bushes;
  • Liquid end lining;
  • Volute body;
  • Shaft sleeves;
  • Insert covers;
  • Engineering in Ural Region
  • Sealing inserts;
  • O-rings;
  • Bearing assemblies;
  • Covers;
  • Others.

Spare parts and components for Warman pumps of the following types: AH, AF, AHF, AHE, M, НН, L, G, GH, SP, SPR are made in the USA. Analogous pumps are fully identical to original Warman pumps in geometrical and connection dimensions and are close in materials.

Impeller and liner materials: high-chromium cast iron, butyl and natural rubber, polyurethane.

The offered spare parts are fully compatible and interchangeable in geometrical dimensions and coupling size with original Warman parts. American manufacturing technologies applied together with the use of original wear resistant materials provide for analogous wear resistance and operating life of the parts we offer, but at a lower price in comparison with original Warman spares.

Engineering in Ural Region

Slurry gate valves

Engineering in Ural Region

The following body designs of knife gate valves are supplied:

  • LD type – semi-lug type body PN 10;
  • HD type – PN 16 body with flanges.

It is necessary to consider knife gate valve design as integral and important characteristic, because it provides for complete protection of any fluid leakage with heavy duty flow conditions as well as long-term nonfailure operation at low costs of maintenance.

Please, send your requests for cooperation within the region as well as the enquiries for equipment supplies to the following e-mail address: to attention of the head of the representative office Mr. A.S. Solozhnin or to to attention to the management of the company ENCE GmbH.

For more detailed information about our Company, its activities in other regions or the rendered services please visit our main web site

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